You recently received a request from %member_first_name% %member_last_name% (%member_email%) expressing interest in joining your Inner Matrix Group. Please check your Facilitator Portal to confirm their participation and they will be added to your contact list. An automated Welcome Email will be sent to them letting them know the recommended next steps, however, we encourage you to personally connect with them, as well.

Ability to Deny Participants

Although Inner Matrix Groups are open to everyone, we leave the acceptance of participants to the discretion of the Facilitator. Sometimes your Group may feel complete with its current members and you are not interested in accepting any more people. In this case, we encourage you to contact your City Lead to limit any additional participant requests. Additionally, we understand there may be certain connections with people that may not be the best fit for you or could change the dynamics of the Group as a whole. We strive to find the solution that best serves everyone involved, including the participant. If you decide to deny a participant, they will receive an automated email letting them know the Group is not accepting any more participants and encourage them to find another Group or attend a Virtual Group.

Thank you again for your willingness to share these teachings. We are available to support you if you have any questions or suggestions. Please contact Kristi Moon at kristi.moon@conscioustransformation.com or 970.390.9702 at the main office to discuss.

With Gratitude,

The Inner Matrix Team